About Mindiris

We are located in Austin, Texas

Our staff speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese and has experience working with client in Europe and the USA.

International: Dior, Galeries Lafayette
National and Local: Whole Foods Market, SXSW, Bella Dimora, Holopic, Famous Vodka

- We are business owners. We understand businesses
- We create images. We understand images and how they are perceived.
- We do not waste time
- We do not take money if we cannot do the job on a timely manner
- We will refer to a better team if it will benefit our client's business
- We have On-demand studio to save on our fixed costs
- We operate with redundant to avoid failure

The company staff works contractually. We are associated with local and yet internationally recognized painters, graphic artists, video producer and advertising

For commercial inquiries, please contact us at:
Phone: +1 (512)-633-4318
email: mindiris@mindiris.com

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